◼ Mail handling status in each country / region

This is a notification from Japan Post.
The following is an announcement from each postal entity through the Universal Postal Union (UPU) due to the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. (Includes information on handling status in Japan.)
It may change depending on the future situation.

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◼ Temporary suspension and delay of international mail to some countries / regions

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◼ [Important] Important notice regarding Rakuten campaign

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◼ Hotmail Customers

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◼ Temporary suspension and delay of international mail to the United States

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◼ Notice of suspension of acceptance of international parcels shipped to China

Although there has been a significant delay in international mail to China, Japan Post has announced that it will temporarily suspend EMS and international parcels to China from March 13 (Fri) for the time being.
As a result, orders from this site for China will be temporarily suspended. (Hong Kong and Macau can be shipped as usual.)
For orders under preparation for shipment, we will contact you in sequence as soon as the countermeasures are determined.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding.
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◼ Notification of delayed delivery of international mail (EMS, international parcel) from Japan Post

Since Monday, January 27, there has been a sharp increase in the number of international mail (especially for China, Hong Kong and Macau). There is now a significant delay (2 weeks or more) in processing at the post office from the acceptance of mail destined for foreign countries to the delivery to the airline.

◼ Notice of Combining Service delay

Combining work has been delayed for about one week due to a sudden increase in transfer packages of related products due to the influence of the new Coronavirus.
We will respond promptly in the order of applications by increasing the staff.
If you are in a hurry, we apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you very much for understanding.

◼ Notice of fee revision (partial)

The forwarding handling fee and combining service application fee will be revised as follows for parcel registered from February 13, 2020.

[Forwarding Handling Fee] JPY 100 per parcel → JPY 150 per parcel
[Combining Service Application Fee] JPY 75 → JPY 150

Increasing labor costs, packaging materials, transportation costs, and electricity costs have caused the situation to be extremely difficult, exceeding the limits of the base profit.
It was a tough decision but necessary to keep the highest priority on the service quality.
Thank you for your understanding.

■ Notice regarding the ending of Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) service

Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) service will end Nov 20, 15:00 (Japan standard time).
However, we offer the same type of services on a different site called,
If you wish to continue using the Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) service, please use the service from this site instead.
*Please note that you need to become a member of in order to use the service.
You can enter Purchase Request Forms of at the following page: