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Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) Request

  • With Tenso JAPAN's substitute purchase service, get the items you want even if you don't know Japanese!

  • Simply enter the URL & required quantity of the item you want!

  • You can use Alipay, credit card & PayPal to pay the item amount!

① In the URL field, please enter the online shop's URL for the item you wish to purchase.

Add Item URL
※Clicking the button above adds a URL entry field.
 Should you wish to delete one, click the "-" sign to the right of the URL entry field.

Please, enter the code on the image

◆Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) Steps
Step 1
Paste in the URL(s) for your desired items and apply.
Step 2
・ Pay the item amount & shipping fees for the item(s) you want.
・ When the substitute purchase item(s) arrive at Tenso JAPAN, we will contact you regarding the international shipping fee.
(We will send you an email that contains a URL for shipping fee payment.)
Step 3
Pay the international shipping fee
Item delivery ※We will send an email at the time of shipment.
※During Step 3, it is possible to bundle (combine) items from multiple stores into one package.
Please apply for our optional combining service.
Sending items out together saves you money on shipping!
◆Purchase-By-Proxy (Substitute Purchase) Precautions
  • Should the item amount at the time of estimate and the item amount at the time of purchase be different (due to a campaign, end of a sale, price change by the store etc.), we will contact you regarding payment of the difference.
  • After the items have been purchased, cancellations at the convenience of the customer are not accepted.
  • Please kindly understand that we may not be able to deal with your request due to a time sale, period-limited sale etc.
  • After order placement, the order may be cancelled due to a stock shortage or ending of the sale period. Should this happen, we will refund the amount paid for the item(s) (order) through the method used for payment.
    Should a store, e-commerce site etc., prohibit shipment overseas, or should the company address for our purchase-by-proxy (substitute purchase) service be recognized as Tenso JAPAN's warehouse address, your order may be cancelled.
  • Please check regarding items that cannot be shipped by air & prohibited import items in advance before applying.