Introduction of
SF Express flights to China

Japan Post has suspended
the acceptance of EMS and international mail for China
for the time being beginning March 13,
stating that due to the spread of the new coronavirus,
the delivery of mail is undecided.

In consideration of this impact,
Tenso JAPAN has prepared alternative shipping methods for packages destined for China.

For urgent shipments,
SF EXPRESS shipments can now be requested to be sent via
SF EXPRESS from your My Page.

There are restrictions depending on
the contents, points, etc. amount of the package to be shipped.
For more information, please contact the Customer Support.


해당 지역 중국
지역 중국
중량(g) 국제배송료 (해외 배송료)
500g까지 1,900
1,000g까지 2,100
1,500g까지 2,300
2,000g까지 2,500
2,500g까지 2,700
3,000g까지 2,900
3,500g까지 3,100
4,000g까지 3,300
4,500g까지 3,500
5,000g까지 3,700
5,500g까지 3,950
6,000g까지 4,200
6,500g까지 4,450
7,000g까지 4,700
7,500g까지 4,950
8,000g까지 5,200
8,500g까지 5,450
9,000g까지 5,700
9,500g까지 5,950
10,000g까지 6,200