Usage fee (Fees, etc.)

International shipping handling fee (Forwarding Handling Fee) is from JPY 150 to maximum JPY 500! Also, 1.5%~off EMS shipping fee rates!!!

Handling Fee

(Per Package)

\ only /

JPY 150 -


Shipping Fee





JPY 1,579 -

*Forwarding Handling Fee: JPY 150 +
EMS Shipping Fee: JPY 1,429

  Fee Campaign Amount  
Forwarding Handling Fee JPY 150 - JPY 500 Per Package
Coronavirus Handling Fee JPY 150 Per Package
Forwarding Fee (Shipping Fee) JPY 1,429 - JPY 74,592 1.5%~OFF Standard EMS Rates
Insurance JPY 50 - EMS, free insurance up to item amount of JPY 20,000
Combining Service Application Fee JPY 150 Per Application
Combining Handling Fee JPY 150 Per Package
Tenso Yahoo! Auction Purchase fee JPY 280 Per Successful bid
Package Photo Service JPY 180 Per Merchandise
Package Division Handling Fee JPY 300 Per Package
Handling Fee for Return/Japanese Shipment JPY 600 JPY 300
*Fast Delivery : JPY 500
Per Package
*In addition to actual shipping fee
Handling Fee for Shipment Exceeding Size Limitations JPY 2,000 JPY 1,000 Per Package
*In addition to actual shipping fee
Combination Cancellation Fee JPY 2,000 JPY 500 Per Combining Request
*If your order has been bundled, cancellation is not available under any circumstances.
Package Storage Fee Free Storage up to 6 months max.
Packing of Fragile Items (*1) JPY 100 ~ Per Item No limitation
CD/DVD Disposal JPY 100 Per CD No limitation
Shoe Boxes Disposal JPY 100 Per Box No limitation
Flyers & Catalogs Disposal Free
*To reduce weight, catalogs will be disposed in the warehouse.
No limitation

*1…In accordace with our judgment, we will use cushioning material or add reinforcement. If the customer makes an additional request, a separate handling fee will be charged.

*A separate fee will be charged if special handling is needed. This will depend on the type of work and amount of time required for such task. For more details, please contact our Customer Support.

Our forwarding service fees are based on the weight of a package.
When the ordered items you've ordered from a Japanese online site arrive at our shipping center, we weigh the package, packaging materials included. We will then contact you regarding the cost of the shipping fee - the 3% discounted EMS (international express mail) fee will depend on the weight and destination country (region) of the parcel.
We will contact you via email regarding payment for a package.
Follow the instructions to complete payment by credit card, Paypal or ALIPAY. Once the payment procedure is complete,and we have confirmed payment, we will your items to you.
* The item costs, domestic shipping fee, etc., is to be paid by the customer to the Japanese online site. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

•Comparing our rates with the shipping rates of other international forwarding companies (up to 30kg)

  Tenso JAPAN Company T Company P Company D
*per package
JPY 150 - JPY 500
*calculated by weight
JPY 50 - JPY 5,000
*calculated by weight
JPY 380 - JPY 980 -
Forwarding Fee (Shipping Fee) JPY 1,358 - JPY 1,400 - JPY 1,400 - JPY 1,400 -
Insurance JPY 50 - JPY 450 JPY 50 - JPY 450 JPY 50 - JPY 450 JPY 50 - JPY 450
Total Amount JPY 1,438 - JPY 1,500 - JPY 1,830 - JPY 2,430 -