Q. Do you forward large items?

We will forward packed items up to 30kg in weight, and that have a height, length and depth that, when totaled and doubled, comes to 3m or less. (Also, each of the height, length and depth must be within 1.5m).

Q. Do you forward plants, animals and foods?

We do not forward plants or animals. We will forward foods other than fresh foods and those that require refrigeration. However, as the import of foods may be restricted depending on the destination country or region of your order, we recommend you check whether or not this is the case before making your purchase.

Q. When will my items arrive?

We will ship your items within 2 business days of confirming payment. After shipping, they should arrive within 2-4 days.

Q. Do you check the contents of the packages?

There are certain items we will not forward, and we inspect packages to check whether or not any of these are contained inside.
The range of items that cannot be imported varies from country to country and region to region. We advice you to check the restrictions on imports to the country or region of your order's destination before making your purchase.

*Last modified: May 31, 2010