About Insurance of Goods

Insurance is recommended for expensive items or for an important package!!

EMS item damage insurance is free for everything up to JPY 20,000. This means that, in the unfortunate event of a package being damaged or lost during transportation, you will be compensated the actual amount up to a maxmum of JPY 20,000. When sending items exceeding JPY 20,000 via EMS, you have the option of adding insurance for your package.

International parcel post has free item damage insurance depending on the package weight. With international parcel post as well, you have the option of adding insurance for your package. See Details HERE

In order to safely receive your package, we recommend getting insurance. *The actual compensation amount for losses is up to a maximum of JPY 200,000.
On top of the insurance fee, please kindly understand that a handling fee of JPY 50 for each order is also applied.
*Should compensation for damages be applicable, the entered amount will be the compensated amount.

Insurance Fee List

(*monetary unit JPY)

Value of Contents Insurance (Breakdown)
1. Insurance Fee 2. Handling Fee Insurance (1 + 2)
~20,000 0 0 0
~40,000 50 50 100
~60,000 100 50 150
~80,000 150 50 200
~100,000 200 50 250
~120,000 250 50 300
~140,000 300 50 350
~160,000 350 50 400
~180,000 400 50 450
~200,000 450 50 500
  • *Various terms & conditions apply to insurance.
  • *So that we understand the state of the received goods, we ask you to kindly send a photo of their condition, or take them to your local post office. Also, be sure to keep hold of the outer packaging (boxes, bags, etc).
  • *Should you have any inquiries, please contact customer service.

About International Parcel Post Insurace Fees

When shipping via international parcel post, you can get insurance for an additional fee should you want to apply for compensation in the case of loss or damage.

When adding insurance for a fee

Item Amount Insurance Fee Handling Fee
Insurance up to JPY 20,000 + JPY 400 JPY 50
Insurance over JPY 20,000, for each additional JPY 20,000 or fraction amount. + JPY 50 -

Free Damage Compensation Amount

Weight Amount
Up to 5kg JPY 11,160
Over 5kg to 10kg JPY 15,170
Over 10kg to 15kg JPY 19,190
Over 15kg to 20kg JPY 23,200
Over 20kg to 25kg JPY 27,220
Over 25kg to 30kg JPY 31,230
  • *Not applicable when insured.