ezLogi- easy international shipping

Service that allows you to easily ships your package internationally from Japan
Can be used by everyone from private to business as well as Rakuten & ebay seller.
How to complete my shipping fee payment?
Please choose one of the below
Shipper Shipper
1. Those that lives in America wishes to send package from Japan to Singapore
2. Those that lives in Japan wishes to send packages to France.
- OR -
Recipient Recipient
1. Those that lives in Australia wishes to order items from Japan.

・Terms & Condition
In case that the package is still in our warehouse 30 days after registration & the costumer doesn't complete the shipping fee payement, the package will be disposed
Please make sure that you've written your email correctly, the package can't be shipped if the written email is wrong since we're unable to send you mail notification regarding shipping fee payment.
The package will be disposed if 30 days has passed.
Cash on delivery package is not accepted.
The package won't be able to be shipped if the package contains prohibited item.