Yahoo! Auction - How To Use

"Yahoo! Auction" is
the largest Internet auction service in Japan
that offers more than 50 million items offered by Yahoo!
At Tenso JAPAN You can now bid / purchase items on Yahoo! Auction!

You can buy products you can not find in the stores!
Overwhelmingly popular auction site

How To Use
Yahoo! Auction

1.Find the product you want
Enter the keyword of the item you want, the Yahoo Auction ID, and the Yahoo Auction URL, then click the search button.
You can search for the products you want.
*If you cannot find the product you want, please contact customer support.
2.Select a product to bid
From the search results, select the product you want (the product you want to bid on).
Click the "Place bid" button, specify the maximum bid amount and click the "Confirm" button. After confirming the contents, select the payment method and click the "Place bid" button to complete the bid. ★ Important ★
In principle, cancellation after bidding is not possible for customer convenience. Please be careful!!
*If "Buyout Price" is set, you can make a successful bid immediately at that price.
For Yahoo! Auction's forwarding, member will be charged with the below commission fee.

◼ Buy Fee

If the total amount of bid amount + consumption tax + purchase fee is
JPY 1 ~ 4,999: JPY 200
Above JPY 5,000: 4%

◼ Purchase Fee

JPY 280 per 1 purchase
*In case of successful bidding, the amount of bidding will be charged.
4.Make a successful bid
If your bid is the highest, you will be awarded.
You will be notified by email of the final bid amount.
5.Receive items
The seller ships the item. Then we will receive the products at the warehouse.
When the product arrives, we will send you a reception email from Tenso JAPAN.
6.International shipping notice
Confirmation of goods (confirmation of prohibited items, size and weight) and registration are performed at the warehouse.
Once the international shipping cost is confirmed, you will receive a shipping notification email from the Tenso JAPAN.
7.Tenso JAPAN payment shipping and handling fees
Log in from the link in the email, select your preferred shipping method and pay.
*Available delivery methods (EMS, international parcel air mail, SAL mail, sea mail, shipping services) can be selected.
Some delivery methods are not available in some countries / regions. Please contact customer support for details.
Once payment is confirmed, we will promptly ship to your designated address.
Please wait for the product to arrive.
All packages can be tracked for delivery status. Please be assured.
Thank you for using.

You can buy products you can not find in the stores!
Overwhelmingly popular auction site